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Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities  

Kaymar clinicians providing rehabilitation services to patients in the community must ensure that the rights of patients receiving community services are fully respected and promoted.  The Kaymar PATIENTĀ BILL OF RIGHTS is based on the Ontario Long Term Care Act, 1994 c. 26.

As a patient of Kaymar Rehabilitation Inc. (Kaymar), you have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect, courtesy and dignity.
  • Receive high quality, individualized care regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, or mental or physical disability. 
  • Access Information and communication during their rehabilitation services
  • Know the name and the professional designation of the clinicians who are providing service and to be assured that they are properly qualified to provide your care.
  • Make informed decisions about your care, to receive information from us to help you make decisions and to participate in the planning and delivery of your care.
  • Be considered a full member of the client service team.
  • Be informed about any changes in your care before they happen.
  • Expect that your clinical records and information will be kept confidential and will be accessible to you if you want to see them
  • Expect reasonable continuity of care, and timely delivery of services.
  • Have your preferences considered in the planning and delivery of services provided to you.
  • Receive information regarding the services available to you in the community.
  • Speak with a manager or a clinician about any concern(s) that you may have without fear that it will affect the quality of care that you receive.

As a patient of Kaymar Rehabilitation Inc, you have the responsibility to:

  • Make every attempt to keep your appointment time set with the Kaymar Therapist. Cancellations due to sickness, specialist appointments or doctorís appointments are understandable.
  • Inform your therapist as soon as possible if you need to cancel an appointment. If you are cancelling on the same day as the appointment is scheduled, please phone the office and they will advised the therapist immediately (613-542-8739).
  • Inform your therapist as soon as possible of any health changes.
  • Avoid smoking 30 minutes prior to a Kaymar therapistís arrival and during the entirety of the appointment.
  • Participate in the therapy recommended.
  • Relate to Kaymar Staff with respect, courtesy and dignity.


Kaymar tries to always improve every aspect of our organization. Our main focus is to provide quality services to our patients. We are interested in receiving your feedback, both positive and negative. We are committed to reviewing all feedback and suggestions with the goal of improving our practices.

To provide feedback:

1.  Please fill out a patient satisfaction survey on our website at: http://www.kaymar.ca/english/view.asp?x=895

2.  Send feedback by mail to: Director, Clinical Programs,  Kaymar Rehabilitation, 304 Ė 1471 John Counter Boulevard, Kingston, Ontario. K7M 8S8

3.  Send feedback by phone to 613-542-8739 and ask to speak to the Director, Clinical Programs.

Complaints and Appeals Process

If you have a concern or complaint about the service you are receiving, we ask you to talk to your Kaymar therapist. Many problems can be solved this way.

If you and your therapist cannot fix the problem, please call Kaymar and speak to the Director, Clinical Programs at 613-542-8739.

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, you are then encouraged to talk to your Care Coordinator at the SECCAC.

Patients also have the right to have their complaint heard by the therapistís Professional College. This is an organization established by the provincial government to oversee the practice of your therapist in Ontario. The College is responsible for protecting the public interest by setting standards for practice and having programs in place to see that therapists practice safely and effectively.

Our Purpose
Our 40-member team of dedicated, multi-disciplinary professionals strives to support adults, families and children as they respond to the challenges of living, working and learning in their communities.
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