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Please click on any of the following list of external links that are among the most common organizations that we work with and have been included here to help you access other health-related Web sites.

The South East CCAC website offers comprehensive health information, resources and links that are useful to individuals residing in the greater Kingston area.

   South East CCAC

   Southeastern Ontario Palliative and End-of-Life Care Network

   South Eastern Ontario Infection Control Network

   KFL&A Falls Prevention Coalition

   Southeastern Ontario Regional Stroke Strategy

   Ontario Safety Association for Community & Healthcare

   Home and Vehicle Modification Program

   Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ontario and Canada

   Canadian Paraplegic Association

   Muscular Dystrophy Canada

   Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society of Canada

   Queen's University School of Rehabilitation Therapy

   St. Mary's of the Lake Hospital, Providence Care

   Regional Community Brain Injury Service (RCBIS), Providence Care

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Client Safety 


Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Tip: Enter and save the acronym " I C E " (In Case of Emergency), in your mobile phone book along with your emergency contact person´s telephone number. This will help emergency personnel notify your contact person quickly and easily. Most individuals carry a cell phone and in a crisis situation emergency responders can get in touch with them with ease.

Healthcare Agencies



Heathcare Organizations



Home Care Resources


Illness & Disease


The Independent Senior

  • CARF- Canadian Association of Retired Persons 
  • Home Adaptations for Seniors'' Independence | CMHC
  • The Transition Guide for Caregivers (PDF)
    The Transition Guide for Caregivers, "Aging with a Developmental Disability," contains a distillation of information about supporting a person with developmental disabilities as they age. It also includes checklists for planning. The Guide was developed by the Ontario Partnership on Aging and Developmental Disabilities (OPADD) to support continuing quality of life and best practices.


Infection Control


Mental Health

  • Canadian Mental Health Association
    Promotes the mental health of all individuals and communities in Ontario.
  • Mental Health Works
    Mental health problems have personal, social and financial consequences for everyone in Canada. Yet there are few resources for employers and employees on how to deal with mental illness in the workplace and there is very little guidance available to help create workplaces that sustain or help to restore mental health. Mental Health Works is filling this gap by developing resources and providing organizations with the tools and information they need to actively address and foster workplace mental health.
  • Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health & Addiction Programs
    Provides information sharing among Ontario's community mental health and addiction service providers.




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Substance Abuse


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