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Occupational Therapy

Within the context of Occupational Therapy, 'Occupation' refers to essentially everything that people do during the course of everyday life.  Kaymar Occupational Therapists are highly trained, experienced health care professionals that will develop a program to help you achieve realistic goals for increasing independence in daily living, and will actively involve you in the therapy process.

Our Occupational Therapy services are flexible to address your individual needs.

  • We assess your needs and develop therapy programs to achieve your individual goals for increasing independence in daily living. This may include basic self-care, rehabilitation, body mechanics, and relaxation training.
  • We prescribe aids such as bathroom aids, walkers, wheelchairs, and power mobility devices. We work with providers of these devices on your behalf, and provide training to assist you in your daily living. 
  • We ensure that you know how to use your prescribed equipment before you are discharged from this service.
  • We consult with other members of your health care team to ensure the best outcome.
  • We assess your individual safety and accessibility needs and recommend modifications to your home, work or school. 

Our Occupational Therapy Services are resource effective and of high quality.

Our Occupational Therapy services are results driven and evidence based.  Kaymar's performance management includes processes designed to continually monitor and evaluate our services to ensure that they are delivered in the most efficient and therapeutically effective manner possible.

Kaymar therapists and managers operate within a system of integration, collaboration and ongoing communication with the CCAC and your Case Manager.

Kaymar welcomes Occupational Therapy referrals that have been authorized for service by the South East Community Care Access Centre. Private services are also available to those that would like to purchase them.

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Our 40-member team of dedicated, multi-disciplinary professionals strives to support adults, families and children as they respond to the challenges of living, working and learning in their communities.
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