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Social Work

Social work services are provided to individuals, families and caregivers based on the intervention and care that is necessary. We work closely with clients to address complex and unique psychosocial needs and develope strategies to cope with stresses in their life.

How Do Our Social Work Services Help?

Our social workers provide the strategies needed to improve functional independence, whether that is counseling, assistance with palliative care, or caregiver support.

Our social work services are are confidential and flexible and in addressing individual needs...

 We provide counseling, emotional support, palliative care and motivation to help clients and families develop the skills necessary to function independently. We assist you to connect with the many support networks in the Kingston and area community.

  • We advocate for you obtaining services or improving the delivery of these services or in adjusting financial payments to utilities or businesses.
  • We assist when you are in crisis by identifying options for you and strategies to cope.
  • Our Social Workers have the expertise in understanding how medical conditions create challenges in people's lives.
  • We provide education and support to assist your caregiver in understanding your health challenges and problem-solve the difficulties together.
  • We assist in the application process for financial and housing assistance. 
  • We discuss your confidence and ability to manage your finances and make referrasl to other agencies if you would like ongoing support with this.
  • We consult and collaborate with other members of the health care and community team to achieve the best outcome.

We recognize that crises cause disruption. We are here to help with intervention and strategies for the rehabilitation process. Kaymar  provides support and education during this process, as required by the individual, his or her family, caregivers and client care team.

Our Social Work Services are resource effective and of high quality.

Our Social Work services are results driven and evidence based.  Kaymar's performance management includes processes designed to continually monitor and evaluate our services to ensure that they are delivered in the most efficient and therapeutically effective manner possible.

Kaymar Social Workers and managers operate within a system of integration, collaboration and ongoing communication with the CCAC and your Case Manager.

Kaymar welcomes Social Work referrals that have been authorized for service by the South East Community Care Access Centre.


Our Purpose
Our 40-member team of dedicated, multi-disciplinary professionals strives to support adults, families and children as they respond to the challenges of living, working and learning in their communities.
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