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Our Vision

Through the provision of high quality and client centred rehabilitation services, we enhance and improve the quality of life for our patients.


Our Mission

To optimize the ability of individuals facing rehabilitation related challenges to live well within their communities.

We strive to:

  • Have the principles of client centred, best practice based care as the primary driver of our services
  • Have a strong ethical framework that guides all aspects of the services we provide
  • Provide information and communication in formats that are accessible to patients and the public 
  • Be collaborative and inclusive
  • Improve function
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Restore hope


Our Values

Through high quality, timely, goal directed rehabilitation services that are customized to and driven by the patient’s needs for living well, we provide services that are grounded in safety, respect, transparency and confidentiality.

Our care to the patients will be:

  • Patient driven
  • Focused on patient safety
  • Collaborative
  • Driven by best practices
  • Integrated
  • Inclusive
  • Creative

Our commitment to staff will be:

  • To provide a blame free, safe and healthy work environment and culture
  • To provide a learning environment
  • To provide a caring and supportive environment
  • To recognize and support the needs of working parents and caregivers



Our Purpose
Our 40-member team of dedicated, multi-disciplinary professionals strives to support adults, families and children as they respond to the challenges of living, working and learning in their communities.
Contact Us

304 – 1471 John Counter Boulevard, Kingston, Ontario. K7M 8S8

Tel: (613) 542-8739
Fax: (613) 542-8468