Kaymar Dressing Aid Handout New 2019!

It was such as pleasure to have the Queen’s students with us for the months of January and February! Added to “Resources” is a new “Kaymar Dressing Aid Handout made by Aimee.” Check it Out in the “Resources” tab here in the Portal.

Updated Process – Resource/Equipment/Kit Sign Out and Cleaning

Resources and various kits are available at the Kaymar office for clinician to borrow. Items such as books and binders of information can be signed out with Colleen at the reception desk.

For items that are used with patients (i.e. equipment or kits), these must be signed out on the clipboard when you take it and then signed in once returned. If you have any difficulty finding the clipboard or where the equipment or kits are stored please ask any of the office team members for assistance.

Important items to note:

  • It is each clinician’s responsibility to clean items after use with a patient and to document this upon return of the equipment.
  • All supplies and instructions (including how to use disinfecting wipes) are posted on the equipment cabinet.
  • If there are missing or broken pieces, this needs to be documented on the sign in/out sheet.
  • Please be respectful and aware of other therapists booking of the items and try to return the items as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Corrie or Kim to find out more.

Thank you!

Acute Respiratory Illness Screen

The ARI Screen has been updated slightly. The process essentially is the same. Continue to ask all patients in the initial phone call if they have a new or worse cough or unusual shortness of breath and follow the guidelines accordingly. The screen is available posted at the office as well as on the portal under “Resources.”

Workplace Harassment and Violence

Policy 316 Workplace Violence Prevention and Policy 318 Workplace Harassment have been posted on the portal under “Resources” for your reference. All Policies and Procedures are also in a large blue binder in the office with the other resources if you would like to review them.

Having An Ethical Dilemma?

We have updated some of our ethical resources. Please have a look at them. There is a “Decision Making Tree”, a more in depth “Ethical Decision Making Worksheet” and an “Ethical Framework”. They are available under “Resources.” You can also reach out to the Ethics Committee if you need assistance working through an Ethical Dilemma.

Happy February!

January seemed like a long month with all those snow days and deep cold. On that note we have been working behind the scenes to find, develop, update resources with safety in mind. If you haven’t had time in January please check out the safe driving video. Also posted in “resources” are Risk Prevention and Management cards (hard copy in process for everyone) De-escalation Tips from Crisis Prevention Institute, Dementia Communication Tips from the CPI Institute, Assessing Violence In The Community, and Kaymar Infection and Control Manual. Please take the time to check them out. Feedback is always welcome!

Work Life Pulse Survey

The Work Life Pulse Survey is closed. Thank you for everyone who took the time to participate! The results are posted here under “Resources” as well as on the bulletin board at the office.

Assessing Violence In The Community

A Handbook for the Workplace; Assessing Violence in the Community has been posted under “Resources.” Lots of good safety information included. Provided by Public Services Health & Safety Association. Please familiarize yourself with the content for your own safety!

Patient Safety Survey Results

The Patient Safety Survey Results are posted under “forms” for your review. Both 2015 and 2018 results have been posted. Please review and provide any feedback you have for moving forward and improving the highlighted areas.